Julius Nyerere Hydroelectric Dam / Talent Current Project

The Julius Nyerere Hydropower Project is developed for Power Generation and Irrigation Flow, with a total installed capacity and annual power generation of 2,115MW and 6,307GWh respectively. The normal operation level of the reservoir is 184.0m.a.s. l. The Project layout consists mainly of:

  • Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Gravity Dam, Main Spillway on the main Dam.
  • 4 Saddle Dams on the right bank, an Emergency Spillway on Saddle Dam No. 1.
  • Power Waterways.
  • Ground Powerhouse on the right bank (Scope of this quotation)
  • Switchyard (Scope of this quotation)

The Ground Powerhouse is located on the right bank with a total installed capacity of 2,115 MW.

Nine (9) Vertical‐Shaft Francis Turbine Generator units are installed with single unit Capacity of 235MW. The Powerhouse complex is mainly composed of a Main Powerhouse (consists of Machine Hall and Erection Bay), Downstream Auxiliary Powerhouse, Central Control Building, Tailwater Platform, Tailwater Channel, etc. The dimensions of Powerhouse are 308.8×33.6×84.3m (length × width ×height).